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Cushion potty training seat cover

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Cushion potty training seat cover

│ Specification │

* Patent No.: 30-0629468
* Size: (W)40 X (L)33 X (H)14 cm
* INSIDE: (W)12 X (H)19
* Material: PU
* Colors: fresh blue / lovely green / pretty yellow / elegant pink

│ Description │

Budsia has been recognized by countless mothers!
The reason kids can use the toilet when they sit on a Budsia cushion cover!
The secret to successful potty training: high back support reassures kids the first time they sit on a big toilet

A jumbo-sized toilet seat cover with a wide thigh area and safe back support, made of soft and adjustable materials!
Urine-splash prevention for boys/girls

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Cushion potty training seat cover