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Non-slip wide 2-step stairs

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Non-slip wide 2-step stairs

│ Specification │

* Size: 40x35x23.5 cm
* Material: PP
* Colors: fresh blue / warm orange / lovely green / pretty yellow / elegant pink


│ Description │

The ultimate non-slip product is an upgraded version of normal non-slip prevention Strong enough for adults to stand on, Budsia’s extra-large jumbo non-slip 2-step stairs The ‘it-item’ that kids and adults can use together With a hole for water drainage – perfect for use in the bathroom A circular anti-slip finish on the surface of the steps to ensure kids’ safety Strengthened 10cm anti-slip finish on the bottom of each corner of the steps for a total of 40cm of anti-slip finish to make sure kids stay safe Made with only the newest and best materials in clear and bright colors. / Recycled materials cannot be used to make bright colors.

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