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Cushion baby chair 5-piece set

Product Detail Information

Cushion baby chair 5-piece set (jumbo chair + food tray + cart + fixed support + bag)

│ Specification │

* Patent No.: 30-0589349
* Size: (D)38 X (H)35 cm
* Material: PU
* Colors: fresh blue / lovely green / pretty yellow / elegant pink


│ Description │

-High waist back: ensure baby safety
-Larger size: baby comfortable & available to all ages
-Incomparable durability: increase to add fullness to soft materials
-Brilliant & various color scheme

-Simple detachable tray
-Clean washable ABS material
-Safe curve design & cup holder space

-Strong auxiliary back chair & handle cart
-Stable 6 of noiseless caster
-Movable to all directions
-Secure fixing holder included
-Various usage to move heavy stuffs

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